Thursday, April 28, 2011

Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page?
• A web page that focuses on information targeted towards a particular demographic. A user arrives on a Landing Page by clicking a link from an email or marketing campaign.
• Landing Pages usually have scripts that track statistics which developers utilize to better market their product or service.

What is the Purpose of a Landing Page?
• Optimize the user's experience
• Prompt user to subscribe to your newsletter or social network
• Contact you for more details
• Explore your website further
• Buy a product or a service present on your landing page

How to Create a Successful Landing Page?
• Write convincing copy
• Be honest
• Don't load customer down with too much information
• Keep distractions minimal
• Prominently display your contact info
• Keep testing and trying different formats and copies
_____________________________________________________Overall, our landing page strategies aim to turn your specific content into major portals for keywords...this benefits search engines results by driving users to specific products rather than Home Pages. Campaigns using Landing Pages work especially well by utilizing: The Tracking Funnel (more later...)

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