Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Traffic Not Generating Sales?

Keywords...Social Networking...Inbound Linking...used together they can build a solid foundation for your company's online presence. But is that enough? What exactly does SEO cover, and is that really driving usable traffic? You may get thousands of visits a day, but how long are they on your site? Minutes? Seconds? Why is Company-A in the 'Top Five' one day and on page three the next?

Getting high search engine rankings is about more than just keywords and fancy marketing techniques. Content is the actual key word here. And without relevant and interesting content, it doesn't matter how much traffic you generate, you'll never be able to keep the customers on your site long enough to make a purchase.

Today's consumers are "web-wise" and more educated than they used to be...they can browse ten competing websites within minutes, make a purchase, and never think twice about the company they 'didn't' buy from. Like people, a website with a flashy exterior but no 'real content' will soon be forgotten. You must treat your website as a living thing...it grows, it evolves, it collects data every second of the day to better serve your marketing campaign, every update you make allows you to stay relevant and in touch with the consumer...it does all these things...or it gets left behind.

So once again, the bottom line is content. Write convincing copy, be honest about your product or service, and create a quality site. Zoink Media Design offers design consultation for help in these areas. Don't spend so much time advertising your product that you forget why you have a product. Quality workmanship does not go unnoticed...even on the web.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page?
• A web page that focuses on information targeted towards a particular demographic. A user arrives on a Landing Page by clicking a link from an email or marketing campaign.
• Landing Pages usually have scripts that track statistics which developers utilize to better market their product or service.

What is the Purpose of a Landing Page?
• Optimize the user's experience
• Prompt user to subscribe to your newsletter or social network
• Contact you for more details
• Explore your website further
• Buy a product or a service present on your landing page

How to Create a Successful Landing Page?
• Write convincing copy
• Be honest
• Don't load customer down with too much information
• Keep distractions minimal
• Prominently display your contact info
• Keep testing and trying different formats and copies
_____________________________________________________Overall, our landing page strategies aim to turn your specific content into major portals for keywords...this benefits search engines results by driving users to specific products rather than Home Pages. Campaigns using Landing Pages work especially well by utilizing: The Tracking Funnel (more later...)

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